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Mr. Tsukimi is currently working as a flight attendant for a foreign company. Due to the working pattern, the spine is tight, the face and shape are beautiful. The aura she radiated was noble, and she was a talented person that could be compared to a noble flower. Also, the way she speaks is beautiful, and she answers questions calmly, and that alone makes her feel like an adult. The reason for her appearance was gender incompatibility with her husband. In fact, it seems like the couple was tolerable at the beginning of their relationship with de M, but now they've reached their limit. Currently, it seems he is suppressing his sexual desires by peeking into her husband's eyes and masturbating.

MYBA-060 Tsukimi Iori and his perverted boss on a long business trip
 Movie Code: MYBA-060 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Tsukimi Iori