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After graduating from university, a cute girl from the countryside moved to the city when her aunt and uncle invited her to live with her. Unexpectedly, this place was the innocent girl's hell on earth. From the moment she entered the house, she was watched by her cousin and of course his job was just waiting for the opportunity to kill her beautiful niece. After a short time wait, his wife had work so she went out and he knew this was the best opportunity to carry out his dark intentions. He pretended to talk to his niece and suddenly pressed her down and raped her, even though she was a girl. The young student resisted, but because of his weak strength, he could not stop his cousin. It just kept going on and on - every chance he got, he continued...

EKDV-461 Fuck your nephew who innocently likes to be a jade rabbit
 Liên kết nhanh: 
 Mã phim: EKDV-461 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Misato Nonomiya